About US

At Toushe Studio, we understand that each and every one of our clients is different. We will work with you to personalize your style to suit your exact needs. If you are looking for a fashionable restyle or just a trim, we will personalize your style to give you the look you desire.

Over the years, our loyal customers come to appreciate the great service and the technical ability of all our stylists that give them exactly what they are looking for. We have worked with passion to build a team we can truly say we are proud of. If you're in need of a little inspiration, please talk to us and will be very happy to work with you to achieve what you are looking for.

At The Toush'E Salon, we are constantly looking to improve and exceed the service we offer to our customers. We are friendly … it’s just the way we are! We want all of our customers to feel welcome and at ease. As a result, we communicate better and deliver the best results for each and every one of our clients.