What is Balayage Hair Color?

Balayage hair color, also referred to as hand painted highlights, is a foil-less brush technique used to add natural, subtle-looking highlights or lowlights.  The artists at Toush’e  Salon in Bay Rirge have mastered the art of beautiful lived in color and have experience with balayage for all hair colors.

Balayage, stemming from the French “balayer,”  the verb to sweep, and it’s not just for blondes anymore.  The balayage or handpainted look remains one of the most in-demand hair color techniques because the results are both glamorous and versatile at the same time.

Balayage Handpainting creates natural looking highlights that are more subtle than foil highlights.

The application technique is different than foil highlights although both use a brush.  The type of lightener used is also different with balayage. In balayage, the artist paints each section of hair as desired as compared to foil highlights where lightener is stroked on each section from root to tip.  If you’ve tried both, you’ll notice the shade of your highlights get a different, richer result with balayage.